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November 14, 2012 by estesinmexico

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It’s been over a year since we helped build a house for Javier and his family.  Javier has cerebral palsy and is the size of a toddler.  He is 12 years old and will quickly steal your heart with his smile.  His mother Olivia is so dedicated to taking care of him even though she has little resources.  Javier’s sister Iran is absolutely precious.  She has a heart to serve, love and to be loved.  She desperately wants to learn English and hopes to become a lawyer someday.  Even though it’s been a year since we helped build the house and six months since we built a bathroom for them, we still go visit them to see how we can help.

Three weeks ago when we stopped by, Olivia asked Shawn if he could fix her roof.  It needed a couple of nails put in it to keep the metal from “flapping in the wind”.  Every time we stop by, it seems as though their faces light up.  Not because of us, but because of God’s love!  They know that we love them and want to help!  They are a blessing to us and I’m thankful God has allowed our paths to cross.

Also, Iran has asked Shawn and I to be her “Padrinos” when she graduates from elementary school.  In Mexico, it is a honor to be asked to be a Padrino.  Basically we will attend her graduation, give her a gift, and hold a party in her honor.  I think about all the people she could ask to do this for her and yet she chose us.  What a priviledge and honor it is for us to encourage her to continue her education and her walk with Christ!

One thought on “Continuing to love

  1. caseliz22 says:

    I love to see how God continues to use your family in their life! Give a few extra tight hugs for me to them and the kids in the area! 🙂 Love you guys and pray for you often!

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