Construction Team – Immanuel Baptist

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March 17, 2013 by estesinmexico

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Last fall, we began discussing with Pastor Jonatan the possibility of constructing a church for one of his mission areas.  There was an area on the south side of town that they had been meeting with several families.  This area was in need of a church and the possibilities of outreach are wide open.  It was exciting to see his church(Disciples of Christ Baptist Church) get behind the idea and help raise money to help pay for gas and supplies for one of the families to travel to the area each week to have Bible studies and children’s activities.

In February, our home church(Immanuel Baptist Church) brought a group of 8 men and 2 women down to construct the church.  They arrived on Thursday, February 14th ready to serve! We were able to stay at a campground near the construction site.  The campground is owned by the First Baptist Church of Reynosa.  Even though my family had stayed in Mexico on several occasions, this was the first time we had ever hosted a team staying in Mexico the whole time.   The campground was less than 5 minutes from the construction site, so we managed to gain approx. 3 hours of work each day.

Our plan was to complete the church and have a dedication service on Monday night.  We began work on Friday morning by putting walls up.  As soon as a wall was up, we would wire them.  The day progressed and so did our work on the building.  Our work continued on Saturday as we constructed trusses and small details.  We wrapped up earlier on Saturday to attend Bible studies at Jonatan’s main church.

On Sunday, everyone enjoyed worship and lunch with Disciples of Christ church.  In the afternoon, we visited Progresso for some shopping and downtime.

Monday was our last day and it seemed like we had a huge task before us…completing the building.  As the day quickly disappeared so did all the last minute details.  Throughout the day, scripture verses were written on the interior walls and studs.  The roof was put on and the windows and door were installed.  We finished the building and were able to prepare for the church service!

We had a great church service!  Four people accepted Christ during the service!  Pastor Jonatan and leaders from his main church have services here in the church every Sunday and Wednesday evening.  Please pray for the area where the church is located and for the individuals that are attending and will attend in the future.


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