Immanuel Baptist Church October Team

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October 24, 2013 by estesinmexico

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The Immanuel Baptist Team arrived on a Friday afternoon and we immediately put them to work!  We loaded up lots of hygiene products that will be given away at the Harvest Fest event and took them to Mexico for storage.  Then we enjoyed tacos at a local stand with Pastor Jonatan and family.  The week passed by extremely fast and we served in lots of different ways!  At the local dump, we served 176 hot dogs, chips, cookies and a few flies too!  They also passed out hygiene bags to those in attendance.  The men built some games for us to use at Harvest Fest and the women sorted out prizes for the games.  We spent an afternoon at the church plant in Nuevo Mexico prayer walking the colonia asking God to stir the hearts and prepare them to hear His Word.  And last but not least, the team built a grill for the orphanage!  Then we grilled 60 burgers!  It’s always a blessing when we can come cook for the kids and staff at the orphanage.  It gives them a break and they always enjoy the burgers!

Thanks so much for serving with us this week!

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