Youth Day

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June 20, 2014 by estesinmexico

On June 13th, the Project Fortify team held a youth event in the home of Pastor Sammy and Melanie Morales, pastors of a church in Alamo, TX. A total of 15 youth attended the event. The day consisted of games, worship, and two devotionals. The devotionals were taught by Stephanie Stokes, the youth leader and Project Fortify volunteer. She spoke of the Creation and Fall of Man as well as the love of Christ and His desire for us to spend eternity with Him. The day was ended with a pool party. The youth and Project Fortify team had a great day of fellowship and getting to know each other. The day was filled with excitement and fulfillment in God’s Word. The youth group and Project Fortify look forward to the next event together.

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