Summer Focus Interns

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July 30, 2018 by estesinmexico

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Over the past two weeks, we had the privilege of hosting two interns. Lainey from TN and JJ from KY.  Here is a reflection from Lainey.
“The two weeks I spent serving with Project Fortify were nearly indescribable. It was a joy to join the Estes crew on their daily mission, and get a taste of what it is like to be full-time missionaries. Over the course of our two weeks, I learned a multitude of skills and lessons that don’t apply to only Shawn and Carla in their missional lives, but apply to me in my daily walk to spread the name of our Savior Jesus Christ. Through door-to-door evangelism, hosting VBS, hands-on insight of church planting, fellowship, and travels into Mexico, I have learned how important spreading the gospel is in my own walk with Christ. My internship not only opened my eyes to see the importance of leading a life of mission, but the importance of taking on the challenge of living on mission all the time. Though the people we worked with over the course of the two weeks are in desperate need of the assistance Project Fortify provided, I have realized how often I overlook similar, simple opportunities to serve others, and serve at all times in the name of Jesus. Thank you Shawn, Carla, Stephanie, and Matthew for letting me join you on part of your journey, I am forever grateful, forever changed!”

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