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February 1, 2015 by estesinmexico

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I know most of you have heard us talk about serving a meal in the dump.  This month I wanted to give you a few more details about what we do and how we minister in this area.

The city dump is where the local garbage men (horse/donkey pulled cart) pay to dump trash that they pick up in their neighborhoods. There are several people that live around the dump as well. Those that dump the garbage and live around the dump go through the trash to see if there are items they can use, sell or recycle.  Those who go through the garbage not only includes adults but also kids.  Once a month, we serve a meal to those working in the dump.  For some, this will be their only meal for the day.  They are very appreciative of the food.  Many times, we try to take native speakers with us to share the Gospel.  We want to meet not only the physical needs but also the spiritual needs.  Bibles and tracts seem to be as appreciated as much as the food.  Amongst all the dirt, trash, smoke and sometimes disgusting smell, there is always something beautiful to be seen.  Many times it’s the people and the relationships we have built there.  One time, a gentleman brought all the women serving the meal red roses. I have no idea where the roses came from, but it was a sweet reminder of how God sees beauty even where there is brokenness.
Serving at the dump has become a very special part of our ministry!  We appreciate those that donate money to supply the meal!

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A few of the sweet faces from Pilar de Esperanza. We love these kids and pray they grow strong in the Lord!💕Please join us in praying for them and the staff! Excited to have a group of students from Fair Grove High School, Missouri here to serve with us this week! #projectfortifyreynosa So thankful for each one of these students that came and served with us during their Spring Break! They boldly shared the Love of Christ and wholeheartedly served!  Thanks so much for encouraging us and serving with us!! #projectfortifyreynosa #apsubcm So excited to have Austin Peay State University BCM team here serving with us this week!! #projectfortifyreynosa These kids are always eager to read God’s Word and make crafts. What a blessing!! #projectfortifyreynosa #iglesiabautistahoreb Highlights from this week of ministry! Planning an event for the families of Iluminando. Visiting a family that is in need of a house. Food dispensing with Bruce and Paula’s ministry. Dump ministry with the Carpenter’s Crew. Attended a house dedication where decisions were made for Christ!! #projectfortifyreynosa
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