Harvest Fest 2014

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December 12, 2014 by estesinmexico

Praise God for a wonderful day!  There were approximately 700 people in attendance, 31 professions of faith and lots that requested a visit from Pastor Jonatan.  Thank you to everyone that donated items, gave money, served with us and prayed for us.  Once again, we could not have pulled this event off without you!

We were blessed to have 13 students from Rio Grande Bible College, Edinburg, TX with us again this year along with 24 people from Arkansas!  The students shared the gospel for over 6 hours no stop in four different tents.  The gospel was shared in four different ways all for the purpose of pointing people to Christ, the one true hope!  The group from Arkansas played games with the kids, served the food, handed out hygiene bags, rice and beans. Members of Horeb Baptist Church also helped at the event, they passed out information about the church, prayed with people and gave out Bibles.  Many of the members attended the event last year but this year they served at the event!!  It was awesome to see them serving their neighbors this way!  Everyone that listened to the gospel in the four different tents received tickets to enter them into a raffle for household items, bicycles and tool sets that were given away throughout the day.  Again, thank you for all the donations!

Enjoy the pictures from the event and continue to pray for the people!

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