Immanuel Baptist Church Team

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November 20, 2014 by estesinmexico

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Our home church, Immanuel Bapitst from Glasgow, KY, served with us the first week of November.  It was a blessing to have several here for the first time.  The week was filled with opportunities for the team to serve with all of our ministry partners.  They painted at Horeb Baptist Church and worked on the bathroom.  We also worshipped with members there.  The team cooked a meal and baked cookies for the kids and staff at the orphanage as well as cleaned the kitchen and dining hall.  We also bought food and household supplies for the families that have kids with cancer and disabilities.  We put together baskets and delivered several to the families.  It was definitely an adventurous time, it was rainy and the streets were difficult to pass through.  We got stuck and had to get out and push the van.  It was quite the entertainment for the neighbors.  The team also served a meal at the dump and passed out hygiene bags.  It’s very touching when the children and adults are super excited to receive shampoo.  Oh the things we take for granted!!  Their thankful attitudes and smiles are always a blessing.

We are grateful for the servant hearts and the joy they shared with not only us but our ministry partners as well.

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