First Baptist Church of Fulton

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August 7, 2017 by estesinmexico

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Our team of 18 arrived from First Baptist Church of Fulton, Kentucky, eager to see God use them in Reynosa.  We started the week off by attending a special service on Sunday for Horeb Baptist Church, the church plant located in Reynosa. Two youth members were being baptized, so we met at a local event center that had a swimming pool. After worship service, Pastor Jonatan conducted the baptisms. What better way to start the week off than seeing people committing their lives to Christ?!

Sunday also kicked off our first night of vacation bible school at Horeb Baptist Church. The VBS theme for the week was Galactic Starveyors. The team decorated the church, set up stations, and was ready to bring the gospel to the community surrounding the church.

On Monday, the team headed to Pilar de Esperanza Orphanage. They helped with laundry and planting some trees on the property. We also prepared lunch for the children at the orphanage. The children on the team played games with the children at the orphanage. We love seeing the connection kids have when they come along with their parents to Reynosa. The children always overlook the language barrier and connect in their own way.

The First Baptist Fulton team served through our Dump Ministry on Tuesday. We were able to give out hotdogs, chips, and drinks for lunch. We also gave out beans and rice, along with school supplies to the children at the dump. Before we served lunch, Pastor Jonatan fed the people’s spiritual hunger through a devotion. We sang a few verses of a praise song and one of the ladies on the team shared her testimony to those at the dump.

We continued our week by having VBS each evening at Horeb Baptist Church. By the last night of our vacation bible school, we had over 60 children and adults present. This year we even had an adult class! Each night at VBS, we sang songs, played games, had crafts, ate snacks and learned about how God created the universe and all within it.

The week quickly came to an end, but we had such a wonderful time serving with this team from Kentucky. Knowing we were able to impact the community through vacation bible school, be a part of baptisms, and served at the orphanage and dump; we can look back and see how God used each person on this team. It is always a humbling experience to serve alongside teams who come ready to do whatever is needed to meet the needs of those here in Reynosa. We thank you First Baptist of Fulton Kentucky, for your willing hearts to serve with us!

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