Christmas Parties

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January 1, 2018 by estesinmexico

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December is a time of celebration and reflection of the year. Typically, most families have traditions that have been carried on for as long as we can remember. There seems to be a holiday spirit that fills our hearts this time of the year as we begin pulling out our decorations and listening to our favorite Christmas songs.

One of the great traditions we have in December is holding a Christmas Party at Pilar de Esperanza, the orphanage that we partner with in Reynosa. This is one of our favorite activities we are able to do each year because we see the joy it brings the children at the orphanage. Usually each year we have people who donate specifically towards this event. This year we had enough support to purchase each kid a brand new pair of shoes. The boys also received new jeans and a shirt, while the girls each got a new dress and pull-over. Each of the volunteer workers at the orphanage also received a gift, they were so happy to know that they were thought about too during this time of the year. We brought dinner that evening for the children from one of their favorite places, Cane’s Chicken.

After dinner, we played games- which are always so much fun! From having to decorate the smaller kids as Christmas trees, to fishing for candy canes, everyone had a great time. We even had a challenge who could wrap the best present without using any scissors! We are thankful to have such great relationships at Pilar de Esperanza. Being able to spend time with them, especially around the holidays, makes it that much better. They are also so thankful for anything they receive and always give us big hugs to show their appreciation.

Another tradition we have in December is helping Iluminando Corazones with their annual Christmas Party. They are one of our partners that help families with children that have cancer or other disabilities. They host a big event that focuses on the families and children, a time for them to come, relax, and just have a good time. This year, a few visitors who showed up— Captain America, Spider-Man, Batman, and the sisters from Frozen: Elsa and Anna. They had the children smiling from ear to ear, knowing their favorite super heros came to support them.

We helped serve dinner to the families as they enjoyed the activities and games. Throughout the night, the children received presents that had been donated specifically for them. To say Iluminando went all out for this event would be an understatement, because you could tell from all the smiles that everyone there was having a great time. Knowing that each family represented that night faced hard times, whether from their child battling cancer, or facing some type of disability, it was a blessing to see them being able to forget about those difficult times and to just simply be children; like everyone else.

Like we said, most families this time of the year have their traditions they do to celebrate Christmas. Here at Project Fortify, these ministries have become our families and we are grateful to be a part of their traditions each year.


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